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About Us

Get to know who we are and our history

Who we are

We are a small family-team, based in Argentina (at the very south of South America). How small? Well… let’s say you can count our members with the fingers of one hand… even if you are a sloth 😛

Our History

Once upon a time, there was a happy couple, Daddy Developer and Mommy Designer. One day, they became the happiest parents in the world… just about the time their beautiful son, little Tester Jr., was born.

As the little baby grew up, he started developing a passion for pressing buttons and for things that made noises, so one day he was gifted a little xylophone. Because he was too young to play it by himself at that time, Mommy and Daddy had wonderful times playing the songs for him. But at some point, the only four songs included in that toy’s repertory started to be a little… repetitive.

So Daddy started an epic Internet Quest for collecting more songs, and to make them easy to play (since neither he or Mommy are musicians) he built a small app that would translate the music sheets into the xylophone keys to be played. What a nerd! Right?

One thing led to another, and under the strict supervision of Mommy and the approval of little Tester Jr… that small app became a fully functional and colorful xylophone, with lots of songs that Jr. was able to play all by himself (just by tapping on the screen).

And that’s how our very first app came to be. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, there will be a lot more app… all made with love “just for him” (but shared among all parents and children around the globe). And if not the case, just give us a little more time 😀

But… what about the name?

Honestly… at first, we had no clue what to call our micro-entrepreneurship. We thought it would be great to find a single word that would describe all our (future) apps, so we started listing the main qualities we’d like to highlight the most: valuable, high quality, outstanding, polished, beautiful… just like a gem!!

But “Gem Apps” didn’t sound that right… So they started looking for translations of the word “gem” in different languages, and the Japanese translation was exactly what they were looking for… and so “Hōseki Apps” was born.